UV Cypress Double Ball 36 Inch Topiary

$ 265.00

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The UV Cypress Double Ball 36" Topiary is a visually captivating piece with its two lush, ball-shaped tiers of foliage. Ideal for framing an entryway or as a standout feature in garden designs, it brings structured beauty to any setting. This 36-inch topiary combines the classic appeal of cypress greenery with a contemporary double-ball style, offering a bold yet elegant look. Its UV resistance ensures the topiary maintains its color and vitality in different environments, making it a durable and stylish choice for those seeking to add a touch of green sophistication to their space.

• Dimensions: 36 Inch Height
• Pot Size: 5.5 Inch Height, 7 Width
• Weighted Pot
• Faux Wood Stem / Trunk