Italian Ceramic Wine Bottle Coaster and Stopper Set - Sunflower on Red

$ 45.00

Enjoy the authentic spirit of Italy in your home, every time you drink your favorite wine with this unique Italian Ceramic Wine Bottle Coaster and Stopper Set. Hand-crafted and hand-painted by a multi-generational family of artisans from a small village just outside of Florence, this set is a work of art worth having. Created with love and passion and inspired by the beautiful Florentine culture, this wine bottle coaster and stopper set is completely unique – no two are alike. The Maiolica ceramic pottery is the perfect addition to every kitchen or dining room. The sunflower pattern and the combination between the bright yellow tones and the more subtle reds will add an elegant and warm touch to every kitchen set. This one-of-a-kind ceramic Italian pottery is the perfect way to display your wine bottle on your dinner table or to "thank you" to your host. Invite the spirit of Tuscany into your home with this one-of-a-kind Italian Ceramic wine bottle coaster and stopper set!

  • Dimensions: Wine Coaster - 2 1/2 inches height, 4 1/2 inch diameter. Wine stopper - 1 1/2 inches knob diameter, 2 inches height
  • Pottery glazed with Maiolica 
  • Handmade and painted in Italy
  • Food safe, hand washing recommended

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