Berry & Pip Ring (Set of 2) Red - 12 Inch

$ 39.95

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Our 12-inch Artificial Berry & Pip Ring is a modest yet tasteful addition to your indoor decor. Crafted with a sturdy wire frame, this piece displays a muted red hue, subtly echoing the festive spirit of the holiday season. Its size allows for versatile use within your home without overwhelming the space. Consider placing it on a wall in your living room where its understated charm can be appreciated, or using it as a quiet welcome on an interior door. As a dining table centerpiece, it offers a reserved nod to the holiday season. The Berry & Pip Ring, with its balanced size and color, provides a pleasantly restrained touch of festive cheer to your indoor environment.

• Artificial red berry & pip ring
• Set of 2
• Wire base
• 12 inch diameter
• Does require additional shaping and fluffing of the branches to achieve desired fullness

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