How to Fluff Your Wreath

The appearance of a wreath can be changed dramatically by simply "fluffing" the branches or leaves. This technique is quite simple and fun. You can lend your personal touch to the wreath's unique appearance.

IMPORTANT: The following instructions should be performed only on a wreath with branches or leaves constructed with wire or other malleable material. Please do not try to fluff Bella Marie’s boxwood wreaths, wood curl wreaths, hydrangea wreaths, or any other wreath not conducive to forming.

  1. You may begin fluffing and reshaping anywhere on the wreath you like; please work in a counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Starting with the outside edge. Lift a branch/leaf outward and upward (this adds dimension). Leaf's front-side should face you. Continue forming each branch/leaf on the outside edge until you have reached your original starting point.
  3. Then, move towards the center of the wreath, form each branch as you did in step 2, working in a counter-clockwise direction, until reaching your original starting point. Continue this process, fluffing one outer row at a time, until you have reached the center of the wreath.
  4. Step back and check the appearance of your wreath. It may be necessary to form again.
  5. Enjoy your wreath.