Soft Pick Rose & Hydrangea Whisper Bouquet

$ 59.00

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The Soft Pink Rose & Hydrangea Whisper Bouquet exudes an air of gentle sophistication. This faux floral arrangement pairs the subtle elegance of soft pink roses with the rich, dusky hues of hydrangeas, evoking the quiet corner of a secret garden at dusk. Its everlasting bloom brings a touch of refined beauty to any setting, making it an impeccable choice for events where it can be admired as a timeless piece or as a part of home decor that never wilts, preserving the soft whisper of nature's splendor.

  • Dimensions: 9 Inch Height, 8 Inch Width (approximate)
  • Lifelike and lasting, maintains natural beauty year after year
  • Made with genuine Real Touch roses
  • Made with genuine Real Touch hydrangea
  • Velvet ribbon wrapped handle

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