UV Boxwood Mixed Cone And Ball 36 Inch Topiary

$ 194.00

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Enhance your outdoor oasis with the UV Boxwood Mixed Cone and Ball 36-inch Topiary from Mills Floral Company. Crafted to withstand the elements, this topiary boasts UV resistance, ensuring its lush greenery remains vibrant even under direct sunlight. Its unique design features a mix of cones and balls, adding an artistic flair to your space. Standing at an impressive 36 inches, it commands attention and elevates your outdoor decor. Revel in the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability with Bella Marie's UV Boxwood Mixed Cone and Ball 36-inch Topiary – a statement piece for any outdoor setting.

• Dimensions: 36 Inch Height
• Pot Size: 5.5 Inch Height, 7 Width
• Weighted Pot

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