Berry & Pip Ring (Set of 3) Red - 9 Inch

$ 38.95

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Presenting our 9-inch Artificial Berry & Pip Ring, an attractive decor piece that combines the radiance of red with the tactile charm of berries and pips. Elegantly crafted on a resilient wire frame, it encapsulates the vibrancy and warmth of the holiday season. Perfectly suited to your indoor spaces, its compact size makes it a versatile choice for various decorating needs. Imagine it gracing the wall of your cozy reading nook or hung on interior doors to spread holiday cheer throughout your home. Alternatively, place it as a centerpiece on a side table or mantle, adding a pop of color and festive spirit to your surroundings. With its beautiful red hue, this Berry & Pip Ring is a versatile decor item that infuses your indoor spaces with a touch of seasonal delight.

• Artificial red berry & pip ring
• Set of 3
• Wire base
• 9 inch diameter
• Does require additional shaping and fluffing of the branches to achieve desired fullness

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